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Lithium expansion battery LE300

by BOS
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€459,00 - €1.699,00
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The LE300 is the first lithium battery that turns the existing lead-acid system into a hybrid battery system. It is only connected in parallel to the existing lead-acid battery bank. This makes the most of the advantages of both systems in the marine sector. The lithium technology has clear advantages in the charge cycle stability and high efficiency, a lead-acid battery has advantages at low temperatures and short-term very high power requirements.

With the use of the LE300, you can thus extend the life of the overall system up to 10 years and more. You have flexible mounting options and can implement the latest technology without having to rebuild the entire charging system. You can retrofit additional LE300 modules at any time. The LE300 also monitors the lead-acid battery bank and automatically recharges it when needed: ideal for extended periods in port without shore power.

Further features: 

    • Of the 28 Ah, 90% (25Ah) can be used; this corresponds to a usable capacity increase of almost 50% when connected to a 100 Ah battery
    • more than 200 charge cycles with 90% discharge: a high-quality gel battery is specified with about 750 charge cycles at max. 50% discharge. Thus, a lithium battery is unbeatable by the load possibilities. 
    • can be installed in any position
    • when using several LE300 modules, they do not need to be networked, so any corner, however small, can be used for expansion
    • it is always first discharged the lithium battery before the lead system is loaded; when charging, the lead-acid system is charged before the lithium battery
    • If a battery in a lead-acid battery bank is defective, it is recommended to replace all batteries, as the older battery will quickly pull the new one down to the performance level of the old battery. With the LE300, the intact lead-acid battery can remain in the system.
    • With integrated heating to be ready for use even at low temperatures

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a shipping charge of €30 per module (block of 2 = €70, block of 4 = €140

See details of LE300 in video here:

  • SKU: 211018
  • Battery capacity: 28.0Ah / 358Wh
  • Brand: BOS
  • type: LE300
  • Product height: 229.0 mm
  • Weight: 3.4 kg
  • Product width: 175.0 mm
  • Execution: Individual module


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