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Rescue System

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With CATCH and LIFT you get a person who has fallen into the water (MOB) back on deck quickly and in three simple steps. The person on board needs no muscle power and no special qualifications for the maneuver. The rescue system includes everything needed for a person who has fallen overboard:Attach holding block for rescue and recovery system to shroud or boom nock. Here the person is pulled out of the water.throw rescue collar into the water and drive to the MOB. The person in the water has to connect with the collar (put on carabiner or collar. Throw the parachute package into the water, by forward gas the parachute opens and the MOB is pulled to the ship and recovered from the water.The rescue system CATCH and LIFT is immediately ready for use and no complex modifications to the ship are necessary. The rescue system transported in the waterproof case consists of a total of three components, which are clearly labeled with the numbers 1,2 and 3.The rescue maneuver is performed from the helm, so that self-protection for the person on board can be ensured. The person in the water maintains a safe distance from the vessel, reducing the risk of running over or injuring the person.Quick rescue: pull person in and lift back on board in under 3 minutes. Up to two people can be lifted out of the water at the same time. Advantage of this rescue system is multiple use, as CATCH and LIFT is reusable after use.
  • SKU: 200249
  • Brand: CATCH and LIFT
  • properties: ideal for 2-person crews, back on board in under 3 minutes, reusable, Yacht test winner


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