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Powder fire extinguisher

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This powder fire extinguisher from GLORIA is a permanent pressure fire extinguisher. It is easy to use and in an emergency immediately ready for use for fires of classes A, B and C, because unlike some other extinguishers, it is permanently under pressure. Simply pull the safety pin and extinguish! The permanently pressurized fire extinguisher has a high extinguishing capacity and is handy, as the hand lever can be carried and triggered at the same time. In addition, the GLORIA powder fire extinguisher is refillable and has a service temperature of -30 to 60 °C. The delivery includes crash-tested holder and a valve housing made of high-strength special plastic.

  • SKU: 200052
  • Activation: Hand lever
  • Brand: GLORIA
  • Spray duration: about 8 seconds
  • Extinguishing agent: ABC powder
  • Filling weight: 1 kg
  • Fire class: A, B, C
  • Maintenance interval: 2 years
  • properties: turnable extinguishing agent jet, High extinguishing power, testable and refillable, Valve body made of high-strength special plastic
  • Norm: DIN EN 3
  • Product height: 270.0 mm
  • product length: 124.0 mm
  • Weight: 1.6 kg
  • Product width: 95.0 mm
  • Propellant: Nitrogen
  • Service temperature: - 30 to 60 °C
  • Spray width: approx. 4 meters
  • Test seal: BSI, GS - Tested safety, MED - Marine Equipment Directive


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Helmut Biermann

As always perfect and fast

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