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rescueME PLB1

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Wherever you are, on land or at sea, the rescueME PLB1 gives you the peace of mind that emergency services can be notified at the touch of a button.

rescueME PLB1 works with the only officially recognized rescue satellite network (controlled by Cospas SarsatAs this is financed by government funds, this service is FREE.

Once switched on, rescueME PLB1 transmits your position and individual ID via satellite link to an emergency coordination center. Emergency services will be quickly notified of your emergency, and from then on, your location will be regularly communicated. For rescue assistance, a homing signal is also transmitted on 12MHz, which can be received by emergency services equipment in aircraft and ships. The PLB1 is not designed for use underwater. In an emergency, the beacon must be kept above the water. With the 66-channel GPS receiver, near-accurate tracking takes place.

In an emergency, rescueME PLB1 provides 3 methods of communicating your location, ensuring maximum chances of survival.

  • Connection to emergency services via satellite (406 MHz)
  • Emergency radio transmitter to help emergency services find their way (12 MHz)
  • High intensity beacon (1 candela)
  • The rescueME PLB 1 can be easily attached to your life jacket or belt, so little space is needed and it is always at hand.

The use of the antenna could not be easier - the antenna is simply pulled out gently.

The rescueME PLB1 can be operated with just one hand even in the trickiest situations. A simple spring-loaded lid protects the activation button, preventing accidental use.

The integrated beacon guarantees maximum visibility thanks to an incredible light intensity of 1 candela.

  • Satellite transmission: 4040MHz, 5Watts
  • Target signal: 12MHz, 50mW.
  • SKU: 201318
  • Activation: Manually
  • Maintenance interval: 7 years
  • Operating time: 24.0 h
  • Product height: 75.0 mm
  • product length: 32.5 mm
  • Weight: 116.0 kg
  • Product width: 51.0 mm
  • water resistance: up to 15 meters


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