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Alpha 275 3D

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Because inherent buoyancy and air pockets in heavy weather clothing or in cold weather suits counteract the rotational forces of life jacket buoyancy bodies, the three-dimensional design of the buoyancy body with large volume in front of the chest area has been developed. This improves the rotational effect through the lever principle. The life jacket, which rises about 20 centimeters higher out of the water, is much more visible, especially with a mounted marine emergency light.Nevertheless, the weight is low and the freedom of movement is high. Thus, this model is proven in various commercial areas and standard for many water and shipping offices. The vest is also ideal for everyday use with light clothing.Compared to the usual buoyancy bodies, the buoyancy body of the Alpha 275 3D is cut in such a way that after inflation they additionally form two approximately triangular air cushions that rise almost vertically from the center of the chest of the life vest wearer. They stretch upwards - into the "third dimension", hence 3D.

  • SKU: 200394
  • Buoyancy: 290 N
  • Brand: SECUMAR
  • Power class: 275
  • Zugel. Body weight: From 50 kg


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