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CO₂ spare cartridge set 20 g / manual release

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This CO2 replacement cartridge set from SECUMAR is an accessory for inflatable lifejackets with a SECUMATIC 3001S or a SECU 301SM manual release device.

The CO2 replacement cartridge set includes a CO2 replacement cartridge for manual release and the associated safety pin. This set does not include release tablets!

The replacement cartridges fit, for example, our children's vests such as the SECUMAR JUNIOR DUO and for the SECUMAR VIVO 10/div>

You can find out which is the appropriate CO₂ cartridge for your life jacket in the instruction manual. The required size (weight in g) is stamped directly on the float (inside the protective coverThe inserted activation device can also be found on a label present on the float!

awn tip: Always carry spare cartridges! If it comes to an activation of the life jacket and you need to clear it as a result, you can then use the spare cartridge.
  • SKU: 202662
  • Brand: SECUMAR


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