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Lifejacket Scout 275/3D-2017


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275 N High-end lifejacket with 3D buoyancy chamber. DIN EN ISO 12402-Suitable for heavy clothing such as dry suits or floatation suits. Central element of a complete rescue system with integratable marine beacon.275 N lifejacket with harness. Extremely slim shape offers maximum freedom of movement. Short, close-to-the-body, ergonomic, non-bulky fit.A combination of two design elements makes this possible. First, a newly designed padded carrying structure is introduced: the SECUMAR "Hover SystemThis allows the weight of the lifejacket to be distributed evenly over the shoulders, back and chest. The lifejacket virtually floats in the air. Only the padded straps rest on the shoulders. The hover system also allows better air circulation to prevent heat buildup. On the other hand, the lifejacket is pre-shaped in the neck area so that the protective cover no longer rests against the neck.Also new to the SECUMAR Scout 275 3D is the use of a textile harness ring. As an alternative to the stainless steel D-ring, it provides an option for picking a lifeline. In careful series of tests, various materials were tested during development until a special polyamide was found for the harness. This special polyamide is not only a full replacement in terms of load capacity, but also brings the desired weight savings.The top model is equipped as standard with a pocket in which various marine transmitter models can be inconspicuously stored. In addition, there is the new SOLAS SECULUX LED marine distress beacon. Its modern technology requires smaller and thus lighter batteries than before. Nevertheless, it emits a brighter light over a longer period of time.Proven in the SECUMAR Scout 275 3D is the large-volume float. This provides a large lever arm in the chest area due to its two tetrahedron-shaped air cushions. Even people in heavy weather clothing are quickly and reliably turned into a safe supine position in the water.The design of the protective cover is new. It is a fresh light blue with orange accents - a sporty, modern eye-catcher.
  • SKU: 200158
  • Brand: SECUMAR
  • Power class: 275
  • Zugel. Body weight: From 50 kg

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  • Maintenance package: empty carton for life jacket maintenance

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    Original price €7,79 - Original price €7,79
    Original price €7,79
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    €6,99 - €6,99
    Current price €6,99

    You want to send us your life jackets for maintenance and have neither the time nor the inclination to take care of organizing the shipping? No tro...

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    Original price €7,79
    Original price €7,79 - Original price €7,79
    Original price €7,79
    Current price €6,99
    €6,99 - €6,99
    Current price €6,99
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