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Course-keeper for Volvo Penta engines

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Original price €419,00
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With the help of Sprenger's Course-Keeper, the steering effectiveness of your boat improves significantly at low speeds. It is a known problem that boats with outboard & sterndrives have poor steering characteristics at low speed. There is too little motive power to keep the boat on course and you have to make constant course corrections. With COURSE -KEEPER you have a twin rudder available to keep the boat on course, so it can be steered and "parked" almost as easily as a car. COURSE-KEEPER eliminates the need for constant course correction, and significantly improves steering ability and course stability at low speeds. As speed increases, COURSE-KEEPER lifts out of the water stream and over steering is prevented. Installation is simple. No holes need to be drilled. The brackets are bolted to the cavitation plate and clamped in place. When reversing, the COURSE-KEEPER protects the propeller. Safety against injury for swimmers is greatly increased. The rudder blades and brackets are made of non-corrosive aluminum. All connecting materials such as threaded rods, bolts and nuts are made of stainless steel and the simple and solid construction of the rudder makes the COURSE-KEEPER maintenance free. This version of the Sprenger Course-Keeper is specially made for Volvo Penta engines model 280/29/p>

  • SKU: 550098
  • suitable boat length: for boats up to 6.50 m
  • Brand: Sprenger
  • properties: easy assembly, Rudder blades and clamp brackets made of aluminum, connecting parts made of stainless steel, improves maneuverability at low speeds!
  • suitable for motor: Volvo Penta 280/290


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