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Galvanic Insulator

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According to special guidelines, the shore protection conductor must be connected to the negative DC grounding of your yacht. This almost automatically connects the saildrive, engine, shipboard outlets and more to the shore protection conductor. Not all new yachts have this connection, or protective function as standard. Due to the connection between the protective conductor and the negative DC grounding, a galvanic balance can occur between the neighboring yacht, the marina or other structures in the water and your yacht. This can go so far as to cause diffusers to disintegrate, entire steering gear to break under stress, etc. The use of suitable sacrificial anodes will initially protect your yacht from such damage. If your neighbor or marina does not have anodes, your anodes will be consumed for protection. If they are depleted or insufficient, you have a much more serious problem. This unexpected corrosion can then destroy the saildrive, shafting, valves and other components. Replacement is very expensive and costly. By installing a galvanic isolator, you can reduce your zinc consumption, as your sacrificial anodes will not automatically protect the entire marina and neighboring yachts.

  • SKU: 211941
  • Brand: Sterling
  • properties: Available in two sizes
  • Height: 100.0 mm
  • product length: 220.0 mm
  • Product width: 120.0 mm
  • rated current: 30.0 A


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