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Sea Transmitter easyRESCUE A040

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With the marine distress transmitter easyRESCUE-A040-BW-COM from weatherdock you get a distress transmitter, which allows the display of the exact  GPS position of a person overboard on the PC or chartplotter via AIS technology. The device has 3 triggering functions: 

  • automatically by ripcord
  • automatically at full water contact
  • automatically by magnetic switch

The easyRESCUE-A040-BW-COM has an operating temperature of -20 °C to +65 °C and is waterproof to a depth of 10 meters. The transmitting power is 2 W.

Equipped with an AIS S.A.R. transmitter, the marine distress transmitter has 96 hours of transmission time after triggering, in which a signal is transmitted 8 times per minute and a new GPS position is transmitted every minute. This allows all AIS equipped vessels to initiate distress rescue. 

The transmitter range is up to 10 km depending on the wave and receive antenna height. 

The battery life is 5 years without activation. Maintenance should be performed after emergency activation or after 5 years at the latest.

  • SKU: 201228
  • Activation: Automatically
  • Brand: Weatherdock
  • Maintenance interval: 5 years
  • Operating time: 96.0 h
  • Product height: 30.0 mm
  • product length: 137.0 mm
  • Weight: 210.0 g
  • Product width: 70.0 mm
  • Test seal: BSH, FCC, SOLAS, United States Coast Guard
  • water resistance: up to 10 meters


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