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Microfleece pants V

by Zhik
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By combining one millimeter of super-elastic, heat-insulating neoprene with the quick-drying Hydrobase® fleece lining, the Microfleece™ V pants offer maximum flexibility and comfort, making them perfect for summer sailing. This model is particularly suitable for use in especially warm climate regions. Reinforcements in the seat and knee area also ensure the durability of the material here. A comfortable and flexible pants for best performance.

Material: 88% neoprene, 6% nylon, 6% polyester

  • SKU: 121184-L
  • Brand: Zhik
  • gender: men
  • material: neoprene material, nylon, polyester
  • Size: L
  • Color: blue
  • properties: fast-drying, warm-isolating
Color: blue


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